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  These rules and regulations are adopted for the mutual protection of every plot owner in the Oakdale Cemetery.  Over one hundred twenty five years ago (the exact date is unknown) the Oakdale Cemetery was founded on the sole premise that it would be a sanctuary and final resting place for our departed loved ones.  We must never forget the many hours of planning and care that those who came before us provided.   From the beginning, the Cemetery has existed in a quiet, peaceful and beautiful environment.  In our vision for the Oakdale Cemetery, we reiterate these same views which are:  “our Cemetery has been a sanctuary for peace and tranquility for over one hundred years; therefore our vision is for the Oakdale Cemetery to remain a place where lives are connected, deaths are recorded, families are united, memories are made tangible and love is eternal.”


 All plots sold shall be subject to these rules and regulations as well as all amendments or alterations that shall be adopted by the Cemetery Board.  We, the Board, reserve the right to require all persons entering the Cemetery to comply with all of the rules and regulations.

                                        RULES AND REGULATIONS

  1. Automobiles and other vehicles shall be driven solely on the roadways and at no greater speed than fifteen (15) miles per hour.  Drivers must be properly licensed to operate said vehicles.  Automobiles and other vehicles shall not turn around on the roadways and shall not park or come to a full stop in front of any open grave unless such vehicles are involved in or connected with a funeral.  No vehicle shall drive upon a lawn area or any area within the Cemetery other than roadways.
  2. Buses or vehicles of cumbersome description will not be allowed to enter the Cemetery except by special permission of an officer of the Oakdale Cemetery Board.
  3. Children under ten years (10) of age will not be permitted within the Cemetery unless accompanied by an adult.
  4. No dogs or other pets will be permitted in the Cemetery except when kept in an automobile.
  5. The throwing of rubbish on the drives and paths or any part of the grounds is prohibited.  Receptacles for waste material are provided at the entrances.  No one shall move, destroy or damage such receptacles. 
  6. No bicycles, motorcycles, three wheelers and four wheelers shall be operated within the cemetery except in actual attendance at a funeral or on a legitimate mission.
  7. The peddling or offering for sale or selling of flowers, plants, commodities, services, trinkets, souvenirs, pictures, etc. will, not be allowed in the Cemetery, except with the permission of the Oakdale Cemetery Board.
  8. Picnicking and the consumption of food and/or beverages, beer or intoxicating liquor, shall not be permitted in the Cemetery.
  9. Any unauthorized person who is found within the Cemetery after visiting hours will be considered a trespasser. 
  10. No person will be permitted to use profane, obscene or boisterous language or in any way disturb the quiet and peace of the Cemetery.
  11. The Oakdale Cemetery Board will consider it an act of interested cooperation if any person calls to its attention any breach of proper decorum that may come to his/her notice. 
  12. Only persons in a military guard of honor will be permitted to bring or carry firearms within the Cemetery.  Moreover, a military guard will not be permitted into the Cemetery unless it is under the direction and control of a military officer.
  13. Visitation in the Cemetery shall be restricted to daylight hours only. (8.A.M to sunset)
  14. No signs or notices or advertisements of any kind shall be allowed in the Cemetery, unless placed by Cemetery Board.
  15. The Oakdale Cemetery Board reserves the right to regulate the method of decorating plots so that a uniform beauty may be maintained.
  16. The right to use any memorial shall be to the internment of the remains of the human dead, regardless of the nature, right or extent of ownership of this memorial.
  17. The Oakdale Cemetery is not an insurer, nor will it be responsible for the loss, theft, or damage to anything that may be placed on or in connection with a memorial whether the same be placed with or without The Oakdale Cemetery Board permission
  18. All persons entering the Cemetery will refrain from unnecessarily touching or handling the property of others within the cemetery. 
  19. Each owner is vested with the ownership of his right of internment or memorial for the sole purpose of the internment of dead human bodies.  However, rights of internment and memorial may be transferred only with the consent of the Board or an Officer of the Oakdale Cemetery Board.  No use, division or improvement may be made without the Oakdale Cemetery Board’s approval. An owner of a right of internment of memorial may dispose of the same by Will or Donation Inter Vivos; and if an owner dies intestate, the ownership and rights of internment of memorial owned by said decedent shall descend to his or her heirs, according to the laws of the State of Louisiana and subject to the foregoing terms, provisions, and conditions.
  20. When  right of internment or a memorial is owned by several persons, the Oakdale Cemetery shall not be obligated to recognize a transfer or any kind of a right of internment or memorial without the written concurrence of all owners. 
  21. All terms and conditions of the purchase of rights of internment and memorial must be set forth in the Purchase Agreement, amendment, or supplement thereto; and no oral agreements, representations of warranties shall ever be recognized.
  22. Any, and all transfers of ownership of any right of internment whether by conveyance or by assignment of a purchase contract, shall be subject to all of the terms, provisions, and conditions of the Rules and Regulations as herein after amended.  All sales or transfers of any right of internment shall not be binding on the Oakdale Cemetery Association until and unless the same shall have been approved in writing, by an authorized officer of the Oakdale Cemetery, and duly recorded in the official records of the Oakdale Cemetery Board.  This is to insure accurate and complete records.
  23. No subdivision of ownership of a right of internment or memorial shall be permitted without the written consent of the Oakdale Cemetery Board.
  24. In dealing with an owner, Oakdale Cemetery Board may recognize for all purposes, the last address of said owner on file, and anything forwarded        to said address shall be conclusively considered as sufficient and proper legal notification for any and all purposes.  If an owner changes his official address, it shall be his duty to notify the Oakdale Cemetery Board.  The owner’s address will be promptly changed in the records and there after the said new address shall prevail for all purposes.
  25. The Oakdale Cemetery Board reserves the right to correct any and all errors that may occur in or in connection with the cemetery, including, without limitations, those involving, or in connection with the making of an internment, disinterment, or removal, or in description, transfer, granting the right of use of conveyance of a right of internment. And in this connection, the Board shall have the right to substitute, grant the right of use, or convey in order to correct such errors, other internment rights approximately equal in value and locations as far as feasible, as selected by the Oakdale Cemetery Board. The correction of an error may be accomplished by refunding the amount of money paid on account of the acquisition.  In the event an error shall involve an internment, the Board shall have the right to remove and transfer the remains that are involved.
  26. No enclosure or embellishments of any kind, such as cover, fence, coping, hedge or ditching shall be permitted around or abutting, in whole or in part, unless approved in writing by an officer of the Oakdale Cemetery Board.  The established grade of any lot shall not be altered in any way, except as approved, in writing, by an officer of the Board.
  27. The officers of the Oakdale Cemetery Board, or their agents, shall direct and supervise any and all improvements that are made within the cemetery, including planting, sodding, surveying and the erection of monuments.
  28. If any tree, shrub or plant, or the roots, branches or trunks or leaves become detrimental in the judgment of the Board, it may be removed by the Board without any liability on it’s part.
  29. No person, other than those duly authorized by the Oakdale Cemetery Board shall pluck, mutilate or destroy any tree, shrub, plant or flower whether wild or cultivated in any part of the cemetery.
  30. No benches, chairs or trellis shall be brought into the cemetery except as may be authorized by an officer, in writing, of the Board.
  31. The right is reserved by the Cemetery Board to insist upon at least twenty four (24) hours notice before any internment or entombment and at least on week notice prior to any disinterment or removal.   Location of interment to be utilized shall be designated by the owner, his duly authorized representative, or his widow, or by an heir or legal representative of his estate. 
  32. Removal by the heirs, of a body so that the plot may be sold for profit to themselves or anyone else, or removal contrary to the expressed or implied wishes of the original plot owner, is repugnant to the ordinary sense of decency and is absolutely forbidden.  A body or cremated remains may be removed and transferred from the original grave to a larger or better plot in the cemetery, or any other place when the right to use is rightfully established. 
  33. No trees, plants, or flowers other than in conformity with the general landscape plan shall be permitted, and the same shall not be planted, pruned or removed without the consent of the Board so that the uniform beauty may be maintained. 
  34. The Cemetery Board reserves the right to remove and dispose of any flowers or ornaments it considers unsightly, dusty, faded or otherwise detrimental to the overall appearance of the cemetery. 
  35. Floral frames,  when removed from the plot sight, unless called for within five (5) days by those lawfully entitled to them, may be disposed of by the Cemetery in any manner it sees fit.
  36. Fresh cut flowers in authorized vases are encouraged, but will be discarded when they wither.  Small live potted plants in bloom in authorized containers are allowed until they wither or freeze.  The Cemetery does not assume the responsibility for watering or other caring of plants or flowers. 
  37. Glass jars, tin cans and other unsightly containers seriously detract from the overall beauty of the Cemetery, and will be removed immediately.
  38. No statues of any kind are permitted, except those authorized in writing by the Board of the Oakdale Cemetery.
  39. Contractors must furnish proof of coverage of workman’s compensation insurance as well as comprehensive general liability insurance.  Such insurance must protect cemetery against any and all claims for damages resulting from injuries, including accidental death, to any person or persons working on any memorial installation in the cemetery.   Contractors must be properly licensed, and bonded to insure compliance with the rules and regulations. 
  40. Contractors must limit his work to the grave where the memorial is to be placed, hours controlled so as not to interfere with scheduled funerals in the area of installation.
  41. The Cemetery will not be responsible for, or be liable for any memorial installed by any contractor. 
  42. No marker, monument, mausoleum, tomb, vault or portion thereof above ground shall be of other material other than marble or granite. Only one marker would be allowed and this shall be placed at the head of the grave.  All markers must be at least five inches in length, not less than eight nor more than twelve inches in thickness, and not more than twenty four inches in width.  The top being set with and following the contour of the ground, and no marker shall be set to embrace  two or more graves.

    name marker is required on all graves.
  43. No monument, mausoleum, tomb or vault will be allowed on a tract covering less than 200 square feet, and only one monument, mausoleum, or vault will be allowed on any tract, and provided that such monument, mausoleum, tomb, or vault shall be located only in the center of such tract or where designated by the Board of  the Oakdale Cemetery Board; and not more than one monument , mausoleum, tomb or vault of the same design can be erected in the same section without permission of the Board of the Cemetery.
  44. No monument, mausoleum, tomb or vault shall cover more than 10 percent of the ground space of the tract.  The design and specification of monuments, mausoleums, tombs and vaults must first be submitted to an officer of the Board, for Board approval.  The placing or setting of work shall not be allowed without the consent of the Board of the Oakdale Cemetery.  The foundation of all monuments, mausoleums, tombs and vaults must be of solid masonry or concrete of sufficient size and depth for the superstructure, and be built under the direction of designated officer of the Board and at the expense of the lot owner. 
  45. The fee for opening or closing a grave must be collected by the funeral home and the uniform fee paid to the Oakdale Cemetery without fail.
  46. No monument or marker or flower vases shall be removed from the cemetery unless the written order of the owner of the plot is presented by mail to the Oakdale Cemetery Board 119 North Eighth Street, Oakdale, Louisiana 71463, or hand delivered to a member of the Board and permission granted.
  47. Special cases may arise in which the literal enforcement of a rule may impose unnecessary hardship.  The Board, therefore, reserves the right, without notice to make exceptions, suspensions, of modifications of any of these rules and regulations, when, in the judgment, the same appears advisable; and such temporary exception shall in no way be construed as effecting the general application of such rule. 
  48. The Cemetery may, and it hereby expressly reserves the right at any time, to adopt new rules and regulations, or to amend, repeal any rule, or paragraph or sentence in these rules and regulations. 
  49. Effective January 1, 2003 either a concrete or steel outside container or vault will be required for burial at the Oakdale Cemetery.
  50. Cremains may be scattered on a personally owned plot up to two sets of cremains may be buried on a plot.  The disposition of all cremains must be marked appropriately with a headstone or a plaque.